Let’s be logical. But My Kind of Logic.

Okay, the more I learn about life and people, the more it’s hard to think that anything is constant. In fact, the more I explore and listen to life around me, the more everything seems to be completely interpretive.

Alright, as I have gotten older, I have considered myself to be a very logical person. I like to make decisions based on logic (unless emotions are required. But logically emotional.).
One thing about logic is that it is the basis of Science. So, both logic and Science are supposed to be emotionless and untainted by bias or perspective.

The other day I was at a church event with my sister. I do not believe in it anymore, but I go with her because she asks me to.
I would like to think I am a nice person/sister.
Anyways,  they were talking about some of their beliefs and how it logically made sense that their beliefs were the only true ones.
And the things that they were stating as logical proof did make sense. I remembered believing in it and how it was logical in my  mind as well back then.
But then I started to think about my beliefs, they would sound very logical as well.

We are all familiar with the phrase “faulty logic” or even “flawed logic”. I think that faulty logic is more common than just pure logic in.
But here is something that I was wondering after that night: Who defines what logic is?
What is the deciding factor of what is logical and what is faulty?

I always thought that logic was what made the most sense and what was the most consistent on all accounts.
But there are many things that can make sense and be consistent, but could still be considered faulty logic.
I looked it up and to paraphrase it said that it was a governing principle of what is correct and reliable. But again there are many things that could fall under the category of reliable and who defines what is correct?
We do.

Which goes back to logic being interpretive?
But perception and interpretation are the opposite of reliability and logic in it’s self.
Can you spell conundrum?

Then I wonder if logic is constant, but the application through human beings is what makes it seem like it is interpretive.
Humans cannot turn off their perspective on things. We can’t suddenly stop viewing things with bias, we can try and almost get there, but it doesn’t always happen that way.
Our perspectives and interpretation on all events are deeply embedded in our psyche. I can’t suddenly stop being me to apply pure logic.

But then I wonder if this entire post even makes sense.
Oh Well.


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