Remember in 6th grade when I wouldn’t blush?

Okay, when I was in 6th grade I didn’t have friends.
No big deal, right?
You can’t see me shrug.
So, I didn’t have friends, but what I did have was an overly active pre-teen admiration of romance. This is natural.

What did I do with this admiration?
Did I go and read books about vampires?
No. I went straight to the perfect source for these things.
Romance Novels. Full on Harlequin.
And people wonder why I make so many references to Fabio. PFF!

I find Romance novels to be perfect for that age, because they fulfill the semi-child girlish need for romance in their lives. They made it so easy for me to have girlish fantasies about being in love.
Also, there was a lot of sex in them. I loved that part, because girls have hormones too.
I remember my favorite at the time was called “A Lady’s Choice”. It was about this medieval Countess with a large scar on her face who needed to marry or she would lose her land, so she chose to marry this unconscious knight that was wounded in battle. He wakes up and hates her. Then they slowly fall in love and consummate their marriage.

Okay, I haven’t read a full on romance novel in about 6 years. I kinda grew out of it, actually.
One day when I was 15, I just didn’t feel like reading them anymore. I am not even sure why.

Here’s the thing, yesterday I was at work and I was pretty bored. (I work in Accounting.)
So, I was scanning Amazon. I am not exactly sure how I ended up on there in their books section, but I did and I happened to be reading the little previews that they have of books.
If you find a book on Amazon, they will usually let you read like the first chapter to get you interested in buying the book. This is smart on their part.
Anyways, somehow I happened to click upon a romance novel (the name seemed like it would be an action book. It was about a boxer.)
I took a picture earlier recreating my reaction face:

Romance Novel Reaction

That face with a lot of blushing included.

Here is the thing about that though, I am an adult. I am a not ugly, female adult with good social skills.
I have been in certain situations that my 11 – 15-year-old self had not.
I don’t want to elaborate much more than that, but the point is I should not be blushing at these things.

I am not exactly sure why things that I have actually done make me blush when they didn’t used to.
I think it might be due to the fact that it’s not like that. Or at least it has never been like that in my experience.
I have never met a guy who fully adored me and I couldn’t control myself and my urges when he was around me until we met in the throes of passion one night.
Part of me feels like (and this may sound bitter), but that is the fiction in Romance Novels.
How often does that really happen?

That is a legit question. Does that happen a lot?
Because it hasn’t for me and most of the relationships I have observed in people around me are not like that.
So, I might just be doing it wrong.

I wasn’t planning on posting a song, but for some reason this felt right:

So, in conclusion, I read romance novels once and I am no longer able to.
Also, when you type in medieval in Google, it shows a picture of a unicorn. It’s magnificent.

That is all.


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