“She just talks and I don’t know what she’s saying.”

So, I work in a cubicle. It’s pretty glamorous. I just found out yesterday that I can decorate my cubicle, which wasn’t super exciting, cause I don’t know how to decorate it.
I just put this up and that’s about it…


It’s professional.

Okay, I am not really sure if this is very apparent when people read my blog, but I can be a little bit…eccentric. Which I don’t say that in the way the some people do where they think it’s really cool to be weird and whatnot.
That’s not it at all.
I’m eccentric like the way I am a girl. I just am.

Anyways, the other day I was sitting in my cubicle, minding my own business, when the receptionist walks back unannounced and asks “Corrie, are you talking to yourself?”

Hmm. Probably.
Well then one of my other co-workers who works nearby walked over to my cubicle and said:

Yes! She is always talking over there and I have no clue what she is saying. Or then she will start to make noises.  I just don’t know what’s going on.

Okay, I happen to know that I talk while I type. And it’s not even me saying what I am typing most of the time. It’s actually me talking to the computer.
Or I am just talking to myself. Telling myself what I am going to do next (as if I didn’t know) or just saying what I am doing at the moment.
I will also keep talking to people after I walk away from them. I know they can’t hear what I am saying, I am the one who walked away, but I still have things to say that will be said.
As for the noises, I mostly only make those when I am walking. Like when I am walking down the stairs or down the hall.

Is that weird? Most likely. But it definitely breaks up the day and it makes working run a lot smoother.
It’s all about keeping myself entertained. If you were working in Accounting, what the hell would you do?
Besides, it’s not like I am yelling these things. Most of them are at mumble level.
And it’s not like I have intricate conversations with myself. Just small sentences here and there.

So anyways, I decided that since someone would mention that I sit and talk to myself while I work, it would probably be a good idea to stop that.
Cause I feel like people shouldn’t bring things up if they don’t mind it.

Anyways, I started to just work. No talking. No noises. Just working like a regular human being.
Typing away in my cubicle without any sounds in the world. Walking down halls without making any noises.
Working like a boring person.

Guess what happened next?
People started asking me if I was upset. The guy who brought up that I am always talking started to ask me if I was mad all the time.
I wasn’t.
But they would all just say “Well, you’re just so quiet.”

So, in conclusion, talking to yourself is not weird or annoying, because when you don’t people assume you are angry at the world.
Then they call you after work to make sure you’re okay and it’s awkward.

Scientific Discovery.


4 thoughts on ““She just talks and I don’t know what she’s saying.”

  1. Once a coworker caught me swearing at my stapler…out loud. Like, f-bomb swearing. I talk to myself (and to office supplies) all the time. I guess that makes me as weird/normal as you.

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