I want to talk about my hair for a minute. It’s weird.

So, there were a couple of extra things that I received when I went through puberty when I was 12. Sure, I got the regular bells and whistles. A couple of breasts, a few more inches in height and that monthly thing.
But the universe decided to throw in a few extras with puberty. Stuff that no one else got. Should I be grateful for this? Possibly. But it doesn’t matter either way, since I can’t get rid of them.
Here’s what I got:

  1. An allergy to chocolate. (Don’t dwell on this. We will talk about it later.)
  2. Curly hair.

Before puberty I had the flattest hair as could be. It was bone straight. (I don’t understand that expression, but I’ve heard it used before. We will all have to deal with it.)
But then after puberty I was left with this:


That is actually a picture of me when I was 19, but it is still the best picture for showing off my curly hair. And since it is naturally like that, it still looks the same today except shorter.

Now, a lot of people really like my hair and they always ask me what I do to get it to look like that.
I will share my secret with you.

  1. Take a shower
  2. Go to bed with wet hair.
  3. Wake up.

There it is.
Although there is one catch.
Curly hair = Horrible Bed head.
I get really bad bed head. I took a picture this morning just for your benefit.


But here is another, better picture from three weeks, because I come prepared. And because that picture of me is bad. Look at the bags under my everyone. Clearly I sleep on the couch.

3 weeks ago

My mother has this joke that she says to me every morning, cause jokes never get old.
She likes to say:

Oh Corrie, I like you hair. Did you work on that all night?

And then she likes to giggle like she is the funniest person alive. I am glad that I can make her feel so funny every single morning.

So, how do I get my hair to behave?
Well, you can’t really comb curly hair. It either gets frizzy or really weird shaped, because it’s been flattened but not straightened.

Basically I run my fingers through it. That’s the trick to my hair. I run my fingers through it. Super crazy.
But everyone stills asks how it’s done.

I’m not sure if this is a super interesting post or not. But I felt like writing it out and it’s already done.

You’re welcome.


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