“Do you like my hat?”

Okay, not a super long post here. I mean, I already posted something today.
Anyways, this will be a very short post with a small thought based off of the previous post.

So, for some reason today as I was writing about my hair earlier I could only think of one thing.

Does anyone remember the book Go Dogs Go?
I mean, obviously people remember that book. It was a pretty popular children’s book.
It wasn’t a Dr. Seuss, but it was still a pretty big children’s book. Kinda along the lines of “Are You My Mother?”

Anyways, does anyone remember how there were two dogs that kept meeting in that book in various different places?
And the conversation would go:


I am not exactly sure why this came to mind when I was writing about my hair, but it did.
It also comes to mind whenever I wear a hat. Which I happen to be wearing one today, but I swear that it was on my mind from writing about my hair. Although it doesn’t really matter.

Anyways, I think about that all the time.
He just straight up let her know he hated that hat. Damn.
And she was pissed, which I suppose she has a right to be, but she got super snooty afterwards and he just pretended like nothing had happened.
What a curious interaction to put into a children’s book about dogs driving.
It’s rather funny the different reoccurring thoughts we have from our childhood.


Also, if I am just posting about random thoughts….Bumblebee tattoo on a woman’s neck at the bank.
Why? Why did that seem like a good idea?
Why did you need that permanently on your body in such a visible place?

Alright. Good talk.


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