“Fault Line and a Soul.”

Faultline and the Soul

I realized that I should start putting the picture at the top of the post, because that’s the real reason anyone reads these art posts anyways. Not to hear my silly inspirations.

I painted this about two days ago.  I was not the happiest of sorts when this happened. I am calling it the title of this post. “Fault Line and a Soul”.
It happened to be a very cloudy day when I painted it, which was not the reason of my sadness, but it definitely fit the mood. It was very sunny in the morning, but then it turned grey over the afternoon. As if to match my mood.
Which inspired the grey in the painting.

The rest of it was inspired by this song which I listened to on repeat whilst I painted it:

I’ve always loved this song.
Most people find it depressing, but I don’t see it that way.
I think that it is simply talking about how sometimes you just need someone to sit with you through the hard times. Not try to make it better. Not trying to fix it. But just to hold your hand while it happens.

Anyways, the last line of the song is

Like a story told by the fault lines and the soil.

As much as I love this song, the word soil never seemed to fit right there for me. But the word soul did.
So that is what I painted.

I wasn’t exactly sure how to paint a “soul”, especially since I am such an amateur at painting, so I just did the existential thing to do. I mixed about 7 different colors together.
Then I also layered the end color with some other colors to create that shapless color you find in the middle there. Now, does this figure in the painting look like what I think a soul should look like? Most likely not, but the process is what I think a soul is. A mixture of colors, like a mixture of personality traits.
Oh Well.


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