All the emotions I made up.

Okay, the other day I was talking with someone and we were discussing a movie that I happened to not enjoy. I won’t mention what movie it was, cause it happens to be a very popular movie from a successful company.
It was such a disappointment.
BUT! The point is when she asked me how I felt about it, I replied with:

It reminds me of a head ache.

She was thoroughly puzzled.
In fact, later on she told me that she was really confused with a lot of the ways that I describe my emotions and how I am feeling. She said that she had never heard of some describe how they feel like that.

First off, I feel like saying that something reminds me of a head ache seems pretty straightforward.
What it means to me is irritation. When I look at something or watch a movie, it doesn’t give me a headache, but it reminds me of the feelings associated with a headache.
The irritation. The annoyance. The lack of response from your brain. The wanting it to stop.
Certain things make me feel that way and the easiest way to describe that is by connecting it to something that also produces these same feelings. Something that everyone has experienced.
It reminds me of a headache.

Now this makes me wonder about conversations and how people talk these days.

First off, am I just weird?
Is it weird to use metaphors and poetic connections in regular conversations? Do I just look like the person who is trying too hard when they talk? Like I am just out to impress people?
I would like to think not, seeing as that is an actual feeling that I have and that is how I describe it. Even to myself.
I feel that linking emotions with things that are commonly experienced would make them easier to interpret, instead of harder and puzzling for people.

Which brings me to the second area of thought.
Are people not comfortable with expressing emotions anymore? Or are they just a little removed from them to where they don’t know how to handle them?
Have emotions become so simplified that we can only express them with a sad/mad/happy/awkward? Or even worse, so simplified that they are only “:)”?

But then as I typed my mind turned back to me just not being normal in the way that I express my feelings. Maybe I am still just someone who over expresses them and articulates them more than need be.

How are you feeling Corrie?

Yeesh. What a weird individual.
I don’t know.


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