Oh Baby, Rap for Me!

Okay, I know that I have not yet posted enough music for anyone to have a real sense on what my tastes are like, but just to be clear, I am not such a big fan of Rap/Hip Hop.
I’ll listen to a couple of songs, but not on a consistent basis to where I would actually say that I “like” Rap. A lot of the songs I listen to is because I think they are funny, which apparently is very offensive to say to those who do like rap/hip hop.

So, I am the only person in my family (outside of my parents) who really feels this way about Rap/Hip Hop. In fact, most of my siblings are pretty big fans.
Which always makes me feel a little alienated, because I like just about the opposite of that kind of music. I don’t like many things that have very hard sounds in them or crude content.

Anyways, no one has the biggest appreciation for rap/hip hop more in my family than my sister. Which is unfortunately the person who I listen to music with most. She prefers what she calls “underground rap”, which I guess means not mainstream artists.
The point is, when we are in the car together, Rap/Hip Hop is what we are listening to. And last night as we traveled along together and she had some of her favorites play, I couldn’t help listening to the lyrics of the songs and one thought kept reoccurring in my mind:

Romance is dead.

Almost every song was about sex. Not love or romance or even making love, just dirty/kinky one night stands.
The girl rappers/hip hop people all just talked about men’s…members and how sexy the men thought they were.
The men all just talked about how sexy and kinky the women are. The dirty things that they wanted to do to the women etc.

First Reaction – No wonder I don’t have a boyfriend.
I mean, it’s easy to say that “Well, Not all men are rappers!” which is a valid point, but most of the men around my age that I know all listen to rap.
So even though they don’t want these things themselves, they are listening to it often. Which means they are thinking about it a lot, even if just subconsciously. They are memorizing every single word.
And since I am the opposite of a sex crazed play thing who doesn’t have a big booty, it actually makes me feel very undesirable.

Second Reaction – What the hell everyone?Is this what we all want? Is this what we all admire and think is special now? When we can convince someone attractive to have sex with us, that’s what my generation chooses as special?
I mean, I am not even trying to be feminist right now, because the female “rappers”  are just as bad and vulgar about “relationships” as the men are. Even the women don’t want love, they want casual sex.
It kinda makes my heart ache.
The sad thing is, I don’t think that people don’t want love or romance anymore, but it’s just not as heavily publicized like it used to be. So it’s a lot harder to find.
It’s “uncool”. Which is depressing.

I wish that we could just get back to this:

That makes me swoon, it makes me cry and it makes me happy to listen to. Someone adores someone else. It’s beautiful.
It’s what I would want.

Oh well.


4 thoughts on “Oh Baby, Rap for Me!

  1. I like rap but also like other types too. Too me it is all about my mood. Sometimes after a bad day I want a song that is angry. Other times I am in a mellow mood and am okay will listening to uplifting. That is the magic of music. There is some for every occasion.

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