You’re Welcome.

Okay, I didn’t post yesterday.
I know everyone noticed. Right? RIGHT?!

Anyways, I was writing a couple of different posts this morning and those are going to be amazing when I finally post them. (Heh..)
But I kinda just felt like posting something undeniably happy this Wednesday morning. Probably cause I just got paid and everything is better after you get paid. Or maybe I am avoiding something.
Who knows?

So, I wasn’t exactly sure what I should post about that was undeniably happy. I actually sat here for about 30 minutes looking at a blank post wondering what I should post about.
I thought about posting about moustaches, which is still an option, but moustaches are so “hipster”.
And I don’t feel like pretending to be a hipster this morning. It’s not a Hipster morning for sure. Plus, even though I think moustaches are very fun, I hear they are itchy. Itchy isn’t fun.
I wouldn’t write an undeniably happy post about mosquito bites either.

Anyways, this is the only thing I know is 100% for sure undeniably happy.

I feel like that was so obvious. Why did it take me so long?

Anyways, Choose Life. Have a good day.


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