Bitter Song.

Okay, I love this song. I think it is a beautiful song.
Unfortunately this song always makes me feel sad and bitter, which I am sure was not the intention of the artist.

I only listen to this song when I am extremely depressed. Anytime I sing this song, I can’t help the sarcastic tone and smile that comes on my face.
Something about it just seems like it is the perfect bitter song. Even listening to it now when I am not feeling depressed or bitter and I just feel my heart drop a little and my eyes fill with tears.
Who am I bitter against? People who are happy in that moment.

I feel like this song was written to be a happy Nora Jones sounding song which makes me feel a little bad that the only reaction I have to it is bitterness.
This does not mean that I do not like this song, because I really do like this song. That’s why I originally chose it to be a part of my music collection.
Everyone needs a good song for different emotions. That is almost essential.
Unfortunately the only emotions I can attach to this song are derogatory ones.

Now, this could just be my perception on this song. One of you guys could listen to it and feel complete euphoria. You could listen to it and hear no bitterness or sarcasm in her voice, then think I obviously have no musical interpretation skills at all. (PFF!)

My best guess is that somewhere along the lines I received bad news while this song was playing. Or I got in the car while feeling depressed, pushed shuffle and there it was.

The point is that if my life were a movie (as it should be), any scene where I was crying or something horrible happened to me, this song would be in the background.
Any scene in my life movie where I am dealing with something emotionally shattering, in the background would be heard the very bitter, very sarcastic voice singing:

Life is just a dream. Lucky, Lucky me.


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