Confessions of a Horrible Driver.

Okay, most people will sit and tell you that they are the best driver in the world. Particularly men. But a lot of women will tell you the same thing.
I would prefer to be honest, especially when within the safe confines of the internet.
What that means is that I am going to be honest in this blog post, but if a member of my family or someone I know ever  came up to me and accused me of being a horrible drive (which they have multiple times) I would be offended and defensive. Rightly so.

I am not the best driver. We could even go as far as saying bad, but I don’t know if I am THAT bad.
It’s not like I get in the driver’s seat and suddenly we are playing bumper cars. Only sometimes.

Now I know what you are probably thinking:

If you know you are a bad driver, then why don’t you change? Go take classes or something.

It doesn’t exactly work that way. I have taken classes.  I have taken the test.
In fact, recently I took the written driver’s test again and only got one answer wrong on a 60 question test.
I know the laws. I know how to drive. I guess the problem just boils down to the fact that I am a little…ditzy.

For example, in the last three months I have been pulled over twice for not having my lights on. I don’t know if that is what qualifies me as a bad driver or just someone who is a little forgetful.
Which there are other reasons that I am a bad driver. Like last month I backed up into a person’s mailbox. The mailbox wasn’t harmed in any way, so I didn’t think anything of it.
But then a couple of weeks ago I parked slightly in a bush…I got the car out with no scratches on it, so again no harm no foul.
There is a pattern though that makes me a little nervous.

Which brings me back to what I was saying about being ditzy. When I think about myself and my personality objectively, it kinda makes sense that I would be a bad a driver.
I am not exactly sure why, but it just makes total sense that someone like me wouldn’t be the best driver in the world.

This doesn’t mean that I am justifying myself, because every single time I have a problem in a car (even if it’s accidentally cutting someone off) it just reminds me to be more alert.
And to be honest, driving has become a little bit stressful for me. There is not a time that I am driving where I don’t think that I might get in an accident.
In fact, almost every time I go to stop I can just picture myself hitting the person in front of me. It’s not pleasant, but it does keep me more aware of my surroundings. And every month that I don’t get in another accident is a personal success to me.

I am afraid that being on high alert while in a car will just be my life and driving. But maybe one day it will just be natural to me to take those precautions and I won’t feel the stress.
Or maybe I will have the money to buy one of those fancy new cars with the videos and the sensors that tell you when something that you could hit is somewhere near the car.
I can only hope.

Anyways, my next car I buy will just be a bumper car. That way we have no problem. Also, if you ever get near my car with me, don’t be surprised if I ask you to drive.


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