Living Under Your Potential.

Okay, I have a recurring problem when it comes to work and school and just about any other thing I do in life: I am really smart.
Which it may seem a stupid thing to call a “problem” and it may seem like I am bragging a little bit, but that is not my intention. I am just trying to blog about an actually problem that I have. So basically it’s a normal day for me and you are being sensitive.
Stop that.

When I say that I am having a problem with being “really smart”, what I mean to say is that I am having a problem with my “potential”.  I go around in circles with my potential all the freaking time.

Let me elaborate on my situation a little bit, just so it throws off that whole bragging bit.

I started my new job January 21st of this year. Upon being hired I was told that this was a very technical job that took a lot of time and attention to detail.
I was told this by the person I was replacing. This person was someone who had worked this job 8 hours a day for 5 years. They had almost no down time.

Within the first three weeks I was finishing all of the work that they had for me in those 8 hours, in about the first 45 minutes. It turns out I was ridiculously overqualified for this position.
But they said they had more training to do, so I didn’t think anything of it.
Now I am fully trained and been working here 6 weeks and I finish all of my work (including the new things they trained me on) in the first 45 minutes to an hour.
Some days it only takes about 30 minutes.
Which leaves only about 8 hours left on my shift where I am just sitting here…

Basically, and I mean to say this in the nicest and most respectful way towards the person who had this job before me, but this job is a waste of my time.
Now there is no way for a 21-year-old to walk into a job and after 6 weeks say that without looking presumptuous and rude.
In fact, there is no way for a 21-year-old to say that ever without seeming presumptuous and rude.

But the fact of the matter is I play about 4 hours of Free Cell everyday that I work here. It’s 11 am and I have already played 35 games and written this entire blog post.
So, I feel pretty confident in saying that I definitely am not living up to my potential at this job. Unless my potential is being a Free Cell champ.

So, how does a person with as much skill as I do but at my age feel like they are really progressing?
Part of me always wishes that I could just be one of those people my age who are just working on their school degree.
I have to work at the same time as I get a degree. But not only work at the same time, but work in a way that makes me feel like I am progressing and doing something worthwhile. Work in an area that makes me feel like I am using all of my skills and really benefiting a company.
And hopefully a job that pays enough to where eventually I could move out of my parents house again. Cause that would be really nice.

Anyways, I don’t really know how to end this post.
It was more of a rant about how I have nothing to do all day and I feel so freaking stagnant in my life that I could scream. Which seems to be the theme of my blog right now.

I’ll work on that. Stay Tuned.
Also, Free Cell is surprisingly hard, but addicting. I lose a lot.



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