Facebook Recovery Program

Every once in a while I will hear someone talk about another person “disabling” their Facebook as a ply for attention. There is always a little bit of a scoff and then someone will mention how quickly the person will come back.
This always gives me a secret little thrill. Why?
Because I disabled/deleted my Facebook account a year and a half ago. Not as some ply for attention. But I just genuinely did not want it anymore.
The most association I have with Facebook now is I have a fan page for my blog that I have signed onto once in the last 9 months. Even then I sometimes think that maybe I should just delete that too, it’s not like there are a ton of people following my blog on Facebook or even clicking on my blog from my Facebook Fan Page.
That only happen once in a blue moon.

I guess the reason that it secretly makes me happy when I hear that other people can’t “quit” Facebook is because it makes me feel like I did something truly hard like beating an addiction, when actually it was very simple. I deleted it and never looked back.

Why did I suddenly decide that I dislike Facebook?

Well first off, I had people who no longer wanted to be associated with me in real life because I “unfriended” them on Facebook.
That’s a little sick, guys.
I am sorry that I don’t want to see you post pictures of yourself in huge glasses with duck lips. Or see that you liked “Puppies”. The fact that your status updates have no interest to me doesn’t mean that I don’t like you are a person.
It’s especially awkward when they post something REALLY weird. Like that they have diarrhea and that’s someone who you actually saw that day? That is way to much information for me.
But apparently those are not valid grounds to “un-friend” someone except to me. In fact, that is a pretty big insult to un-friend someone in our culture no matter how weird they are on Facebook, which I don’t understand.
So what did I do? I would just “hide” their status updates. But then it came to the point where I had 100 friends on Facebook and the only status updates I would see were mine and my sisters.

Second reason, the whole idea of a status update.
If I want to post an update about my life that no one will care about or even look at, I am going to do it on Twitter. That is what my Twitter account is for.
And I take full advantage of that. My tweet count is at about 6,400. I like to post tweets and guess what?
None of my family is looking at them. Neither is anyone else, but I am pretty stoked about the fact that my family is not looking at my “status updates”.
Plus, there is no pressure on Twitter that you have to follow people who you know.

Which brings me to my third problem. The whole family situation.
You have a friend request from your second cousin who happens to have the same last name as you?
What the hell?
I do not feel it necessary to “connect” or be “friends” with all of my extended family. Or even the people I knew in high school. High school was horrible.
The fact of the matter is, my extended family doesn’t know me. They know of me, but they don’t know me. Maybe I am just weird, but I find it a little insulting that they want to “connect” through Facebook as if they have some interest in me.
I mean, if we were really interested in each other, we would be trying to get each other’s phone numbers and really trying to connect.
But then again I am just weird.

On the flips side though, there are a lot of things I know I miss out on because I do not have a Facebook and that is where a lot of information is passed around.
Like invitations to parties and what not.
It is almost used instead of texting in a lot of ways.
None of those reasons seem good enough to make me want to re-join. Even though my sister begs me to.

In the end, Facebook is kinda depressing to me and I don’t like depressing things.
You can’t see me shrug right now.


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