I’m just an accountant dreaming of accountant things.

Okay, in my experience, the person that everyone I think most can’t stand in an office beside the IT person would be the accountant.
The accountant is the one who tells the sales team that they can’t give customers thousands of discounts just so they can make a commission.
The accountant is the one that can tell the General Manager that we can’t do certain things because they are financially responsible for the company.
Basically the accountant is someone who is absolutely necessary to the business, but is a little bit the rain on everyone’s parade.

My new job, they actually contacted me about hiring me. I had my resume posted on a  Job site and they sent me an email asking me for an interview.
Which is really nice, except it doesn’t really give you an idea on how much they are willing to pay (which I think I didn’t ask for enough money) and also what exactly your job is going to be.
Yeah, they tell you what you are going to be doing. The tasks of your job, but they never really nail down exactly what your  job title is.

I found out two weeks ago that I am actually a part of the accounting team. I am not a full on accountant, because you need a license for that, but I am a part of a 3 person team that makes up accounting.
This was news to me.

Side note, they say that you shouldn’t get caught up in job titles when you are working, but finding out that I am actually in accounting and not “Customer Service” like they told me I was in is making my job a lot easier.
In fact, everything is starting to make sense now. Like the fact that I have only spoken to two customers since I started.

I don’t mind being a part of accounting at all. Even though I prefer customer service over accounting, I am very good at Math and I have always liked Math.
(Yeah, I was THAT kid in school.)
Despite the fact that I actually do like high school, I had a dream about my job the other day and it was really freaking boring.
Not my most productive dream.
You don’t really have to notice that your job is super boring when you are actually doing it, cause there is a lot of tasks and you are busy doing them. But when you watch yourself doing your job from the outside in a dream-like form, super boring.

That’s all I really wanted to share. You’re welcome.


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