More thoughts on being sick, cause it’s obviously never going away.

I’m still sick. What. The. Hell.
It’s been three days! I’ve been napping a lot and taking tons of Vitamin C. My nose is super chaffed. That should do it. This is just starting to get ridiculous right now.
Objectively I feel very suspicious of myself. Like when I was little and used to try to drag out being sick for as long as possible so my mother wouldn’t send me to school.
If I didn’t know how horrible I was feeling right now, I would be very suspicious of myself. That maybe that’s what I am doing. But again, that wouldn’t make sense cause I go to work sick anyways.

There are other things that need to be taken care of though, besides work, that I just completely blow off while I am sick.
For example: I don’t really feel like eating while I am sick. Something about trying to stick things down my throat which is hurting super bad just doesn’t appeal to me.
Plus, I think being congested turns you off from the idea of eating as well. I mean, you can’t taste the food, but also you have so much weirdness going on near your face area that it just feels like eating wouldn’t work out.
Now, this can be really nice since I am always trying to lose weight, but it also makes you feel weaker and it makes every head ache even worse.
So I am finding I have to force myself to eat while I am sick, which eating when you really don’t want to is always fun.

Another thing, I think it is pretty natural that most people don’t shower as often when they are sick. It’s hard to want to shower every freaking morning when you feel like crap.
But I don’t brush my teeth also when I am sick.
Now I am sure you are sitting there going

Ewww, you haven’t brushed your teeth in 3 days? That’s gross.

As gross as putting my toothbrush in my bacteria infested mouth? Then the next day it can get all over my freaking toothpaste when I go to brush my teeth again? Does that sound less gross to you?
Why should I have to spend $10 on a new toothbrush and toothpaste just because my body is incapable of protecting itself?
Plus, I am not really trying to impress anyone with my smile as I lay around feeling miserable.

My point is, it’s been three days and good health does not seem to be on the horizon. I don’t feel any better, so it’s obviously going to last forever.
Plus, when I blow my nose my ears get all clogged up and need to be popped, like we are driving through the mountains.
Plus plus, last night a bug bit me on my arm while I was asleep. Does that seem fair to you?

Ugh. I’m dying.


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