“You aren’t going to say anything Earth shattering.”

I was in a texting fight. Which I can hear the groans when people read that. Or at least I can hear my groan if I was the one reading it about someone else.
Texting is not my preferred way of dealing with an issue. I prefer to call someone up and get it all out right then. But the problem is that a lot of people do prefer to text over calling. Especially when someone is mad at them. They definitely don’t want to hear your voice when you’re mad.

Side note: I would like to specify that I consider a fight to be when I am very upset.  I bring this up because a lot of times I will say something is a fight and another person will say “That wasn’t a fight”
Well, I was upset. So it was a fight to me.

Anyways, I was in a texting fight. And the one benefit about being in a texting fight is that it is longer, which leaves more time to think of a reply that is ridiculous.
It also let’s you ask someone for advice. Which I asked my sister.

So, I am very upset with this person and trying to understand why certain things had taken place. Well, like most times when I am upset, the other person doesn’t give a damn. It was also a super logical person, which they usually end up saying something super mean simply because they are being “logical”.
Which this person did.

Anyways, at one point in the conversation I was getting really upset and the other person was just making it so much worse.
And my sister just said to me:

Corrie, you aren’t going to say anything Earth shattering.

I realized that, that is what I am always aiming for when I get upset with people who just don’t care. Or even with people who do care.
I am always hoping that I am going to say something that will totally wake them up to why I am upset and what it is they did to make me upset.
That I am going to say something so mind-blowing that they hadn’t realized had happened that they are suddenly going to sympathize with me or feel sorry for what happened.

But the truth is exactly what my sister said.  In most cases, I end up giving up when I am upset. I just let it go, because otherwise I am just upset and I am the only one who cares.
Or the other person is more worried about being right than they are my feelings. Which is most people, even me.

In the end, I can imagine at least one of you saying “Then don’t upset over people who don’t care about you?”
Well, I refuse. I can’t help that and obviously I don’t know they don’t care until the fight actually starts.



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