Obviously I am dying. Gosh.

I am sick. The problem with me getting sick is that I have absolutely no tolerance for pain. So the fact that it feels like someone is scraping a spork up and down my throat really is a lot bigger problem than it probably is.

Despite the fact that I am very dramatic about being sick, I have never actually called in sick. Ever.
None of my jobs have I ever took a sick day.
You see, that’s the beauty of working in an office. I am just sitting here. So being sick boils down to whether I want to sit at home or sit her and get paid for it.
My favorite though is when you go to work and someone says to you “You don’t look sick” like you are somehow faking.
First off, why would I come to work and still fake sick? Does that make any sense at all? I’m not that attention hungry.
Second, was I supposed to come to work looking like I was on my freaking death-bed? Would that be credible enough for everyone?
Come on now.

Someone told me that it’s irresponsible of me to come in sick to work. They said that by coming to work I am endangering the work place. That sounds valid.

I am sick. And I am at work. Infecting the masses.
If in 6 months you are wondering where the zombie outbreak started, that was all me baby.
You’re welcome.


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