You’re a Damn Tattletale!

So, my parents had 6 children. My mother always likes to say that after you reach 3 children it really doesn’t matter anymore, so why not have six I guess?
My parents call the first three kids the A team and the second three the B team, due to an age gap.

Here is the thing, I am finding this age gap to be a little bit of a problem now that I am living with my parents once again. Mostly because my younger brothers and sister keep tattling on me….

Part of me feels a little like “Really guys? Are you freaking kidding me?”. I mean, I’m an adult. Come to me and tell me your problem. Don’t run and tell our mother.
But then I remember that they are really young and that’s how kids are. They don’t approach you and tell you how upset they are at you. They don’t sit down with you and talk out any problems the two of you might be having.
That’s not how adolescents works. That’s adult stuff.

You know, when I was young I barely tattled on my older siblings. Why? I wanted them to like me! I wasn’t about to tattle on them or else I couldn’t hang out with them. Basic Math.

The problem is, my siblings have never really cared if I liked them.
There are two types of older siblings:

  1. The really cool ones who have awesome friends and like everything cool possible. You basically have to try to impress them, because otherwise you know you are missing out on something really awesome.
  2. The other ones who you love them, because obviously you share blood, but you really don’t feel the need to impress them ever. Cause if they really wanted their younger siblings to try to impress them, they would be more impressive themselves.

Guess which group I am in.

Anyways, part of me gets really annoyed with the juvenile way that issues are being handled over at my house.
But my logical mind remembers that I am dealing with teenagers and children. They have no choice but to be juvenile.

Which brings up the most important question of all: Should I be juvenile back?
Write a 3 page report on that and have it in my Inbox by Wednesday.


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