Oh that’s how you are? Heh Nice…

This will be a rant. You are warned.

Alright, the time has come for me to talk about one of my favorite social cop outs. Oh, the forced laughter and shaking of my head that ensues from me after someone does this. It may even cause me to occasionally put my head in my hands and say “Oh God Guys, Really?”

Now I come from a family of very important business people and natural-born salesmen. Being charismatic and socially capable is something that I have been trained since I was about 5. You have to have a lot of emotional intelligence and social skills in both of those fields and in families with both of those people. That’s just life.
Also, when two people decide to have 6 children, they don’t put up with a lot of those children’s funk. If they had only one child; Sure be a total brat up until your 30.
But we can’t have 6 brats running around or even just three. My parents would never tolerate it if we acted up or used bad social skills. Or at least this is what happened with me. I could not be one of the two brats our family was allowed.

I find that because I am so young, I deal with a lot of people who are close to my age. And when you are dealing with people who are just barely out of their teenage years, there is a lot of social skills that I feel are missing.
I am not trying to be on a high horse here, I just have a lot of frustration when you are dealing with people and they are very difficult to be around.

(Tangent: That was just one of those sentences where if someone else had said that I would tease them by saying something like:

That’s funny, because I personally love being around difficult people.

Really Corrie? Do you have to make fun of everything when I talk? Damn you.)

So, one of my favorite cop outs that people around my age use, either for themselves or someone else, is when they do something that is offensive, you point out how offensive it was and they turn around and say:

Well, that’s just how I am.

Oh, how I hate this.

Okay, we all have really offensive behaviors. Like me. I am a bit of a jerk. I say super offensive things all the time, but when I do that I own up to it. I don’t turn around and say:

“Oh, I offended you? Well that’s just how I am so that makes it okay.”

It’s just a  cop-out. It implies that people should just accept someone’s social awkwardness and allow them to continue in their ways. That’s just how they are. They don’t need to change, you need to change and accept it.

So, I am a bit of a jerk and I find the only way to react to that is just to let them be the way they are…without me.
They can be exactly who they are by themselves, because in the end it’s not okay with me that that’s the way they are.

I suppose I am a just a loner (totally not trying to sound cool by saying that). I think I am one of those people who isn’t used to having a lot of friends, so when I am hanging out with someone and they repeatedly try to pull crap like that, I lose interest very quickly.

In the end, I think that is my flaw and being a lone badger is not fun. Badgers are ugly.


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