My Valentine’s Song. (2013)

(There is cussing in this song, don’t push play if you’re going to get offend or disappointed in me. Mom.)

I have been listening to this song since I was about 14 years old. In fact, I think this was actually my favorite band back then. But I will always love this song and it will always be my single Valentine’s song.
I will elaborate.

Okay, I have never had a boyfriend or love interest on Valentine’s day.
But even worse than that, every boy that I have ever dated or even liked, I have always pursued them. I am a feminists dream and my mother’s worst nightmare. When there is a man who I like, I pursue him. Not in an aggressive way, it’s more like nudging, but I definitely initiate things.
Why? Because I don’t have time to wait around for a guy to notice me or to decide that he likes me. I think part of that might be that I am afraid if I don’t pursue him, he will never notice me or be interested in me.
I do get the guy in the end this way.

But at the end of the day, I am still a girl. Every girl wants a guy to pursue her. Every girl wants a guy to think she is the bees knees and to fall head over heels for her and try to “woo” her.
I am not immune to those feelings. In fact, I want that really badly.

So, when I listen to this song, I like to sit and pretend that this is a guy calling me. Not specifically the band leader, but just any guy.
I like to pretend that this is a guy who likes me, without any nudging on my part, and he has decided to call me and declare these feelings. And all the awkwardness of liking someone is still there. With all the stumbling over your words, saying weird things and even having his friends there to support him included.

Every time I listen to this song I pretend that he is calling me and it makes me feel really special. Like I am super worthwhile to a guy. It feels great.

To be honest, I don’t really get upset on Valentine’s day. I don’t find it depressing that I am alone. There is no reason for that. I get it. I understand why Valentine’s day exists.
I know a lot of people who sit and say that Valentine’s is a “holiday that was made up by Hallmark”. But I feel that if these same people actually had someone who they could care for on Valentine’s day, they wouldn’t feel that way.

Because no one is going to turn to their significant other on February 13th and say:

Darling, you know that I adore you. Unfortunately I will not be cherishing you tomorrow, because that is just what the man wants us to do.
I will love you forever, but not tomorrow.

I know a lot of people who sit and say that there shouldn’t be a Valentine’s day because we should show affection to our loved ones everyday.
This true, but it’s not exactly how life works. Just like we should be giving and joyful at all times, not just around Christmas.
These are things that should happen, but they don’t.

Because in real life there are a lot of people who don’t show affection to their loved ones. There are a lot of people who need a specified day to be able to express those emotions.
There’s also telemarketers.
Debt Collectors.
Spongebob got really weird after the 5th season.
And guys don’t make cute, awkward phone calls to girls anymore. They just text.

So, Happy Valentine’s day. Because I would like to believe in a day where those don’t exist and where that song is a voice mail in my inbox.


3 thoughts on “My Valentine’s Song. (2013)

  1. OMG! I adore you! You are SO freaking funny. This song made me laugh all the way through… and it fits what I’ve been reading of you perfectly. You have to listen to the song and then look at your gravitar and the look on your face just fits the song.

    Not sure that any of that made one but of sense but it did in MY head! lol

    Thanks for the cute post, once again and the giggle.

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