Plato and the Shadow Cave.

Okay, first off I am a super mature college student. I am smart and cultured.

I just felt the need to state that before writing out this post.

I really am not a fan of Philosophy.
Maybe it’s because I have strong opinions and I don’t really like when people contradict those.
Maybe it’s because I am really not interested in hearing other people’s opinions.
Or Maybe I just don’t feel like going around and around discussing the same moral issues without ever truly coming to a conclusion.

But college doesn’t care about my personal preferences toward Philosophy. College states that I have to take two Philosophy classes. I took the first class which was called “Philosophy 101: Critical Thinking”.
My first essay in that class was titled “What is thinking?”. Yeah….
But now I am in “Philosophy 305: Ethical thinking in the Liberal Arts”.
First off, there is no art in this class. I know that is probably a given, but I was kinda hoping we would be discussing how to be ethical with artistic expression. Stupid idea. Stupid idea. Just forget it.
No, this is the class where we get to talk about Plato and Socrates. (Morons?) Mostly Plato though.

Here are a little of my thoughts on Plato.
First off, every time I hear the name Plato all I can think if is Play-do. Not a bad thing to be associated with, although I have a feeling he would be offended.

Second, Plato has this allegory that he uses to describe the media’s manipulation on the way we communicate where he talks about shadows on the wall of a cave.
So every time the teacher makes a reference to this allegory he calls it “Plato and the Shadow Cave.”
It sounds like a freaking Indiana Jones movie!

Coming Soon: Indiana Jones and the Shadow Cave!

Dude, let’s go opening night!

The point is it sounds like it would be something that is super exciting, but really it’s a rather demeaning allegory. And all jokes aside, I really am not a fan of Plato’s actual theories of society and ethics. It seems to be a mild communist theory that happened before Karl Marx and I am not about that. I like free will.

That’s not really interesting to post about on a blog, but I just didn’t want it to seem like all I do is make fun of lessons that I am learning in school. Like I am so much better than “college” and “professors” and “Play-do”.


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