Well, YOU can sleep on the couch.

Okay, I am currently living with my parents. I think everyone knows that. Every time I think about it there is the constant debate in my mind of whether in April I will move out or continue to live with them.
Why is this a debate and why April?
April is the deadline for when I have to fill out my FAFSA/Student Loan application. Here is the debate, if I live with my parents I will have more money weekly as I will not be paying rent, so I could save more money, do more of the things that I want and if a sudden bill were to pop up (which they always do) I would be in a better position to pay it.
The pros to moving out is that I would be eligible for more student loans, which may not seem like a pro at first.

“You can get more loans and more debt while paying more money? You’re not thinking clearly Corrie Kartchner.”

(I like to make up the things I think you are thinking when you read this.)
If I get more loans, it means that I could double up on my classes which could mean that I could actually graduate earlier. I just need the funding to double up and I will. That’s why moving out would be such a good idea for me.
But luckily I have a few months to decide and I would definitely have to see what my financial situation is in April and how much my parents are still liking me living with them.

ANYWAYS! Total tangent, not the point of this post. Did you want to hear about my finances? I’ll send you a bank statement.

I have been sleeping on the couch every night now that I have been living with my parents. Why? That is so horrible. What the hell is wrong with your parents?
No, this is self-inflicted. I could sleep upstairs in a bed with my older sister. See, my parents are renting a very small, older townhouse in Dana Point.
Let me backtrack, my parents had 6 children and they are not divorced. They really like each other apparently. 5 of those 6 children are currently living with them, including me. This is okay, because 3 of them are still under 18. My older sister and I are not.
My father is a kind man who has an open door policy when it comes to his children. He makes it very clear to everyone, especially my  mother, that his children should always know that they have a home and can come back whenever they want. My mother takes a more financial approach and realizes that no one without a college education can really afford to live on their own without major struggle in this economy.
That’s valid. I lived on my own for 9 months and I couldn’t even afford to buy groceries at Wal-mart. My parents joke about how every time they called me and asked how I was doing, my answer was “Well, I’m really hungry.” Which actually happened.

Anyways again, back to the couch. My parents are renting this small townhouse with 3 bedrooms and 7 people living here. My parents in the masters, two of my brothers in the smaller bedroom and my two sisters in the slightly bigger, but still small bedroom. Then I decided to impose on everyone by moving in. So my parents put me in the room with my sisters. I would be sleeping on the queen bed with my older sister and my younger sister would be sleeping on a mattress on the floor.
Okay, my older sister is about a year and a half older than me (though everyone always assumes I am older just because of maturity and actions and whatnot). She has a lot of health issues, but she also has a lot of quirks. Which we all do.
But for example, I will be completely asleep at around 12 am and she will come home from being out with her friends and turn on music to help her fall asleep….
Or there is the fact that she needs the entire bed to sleep with. I literally have to sleep on the very edge and if I happen to move over in my sleep, she pushes you over.
But my favorite was about 2 weeks ago around 1 am when she was asleep and started to have a night terror (so she said) and with my laying next to her, she punched me in the back. In her sleep. In my sleep.
Do you know what it’s like to be dead asleep at 1 am with work at 7 am the next morning and to have someone randomly punch you in the back? We are not boys. This should not be happening.

So, every night when she walks into the bedroom late and night and turns on her music, I know it is time for me to get up and go downstairs to sleep on the couch.
I actually really enjoy sleeping on couches. Like if I happen to need to spend the night at someone’s house, I would prefer to sleep on the couch. I even think that if I were ever in a fight with a significant other, I would go sleep on the couch instead of banishing them. Which actually might make them even madder. I fight dirty.

Anyways, I’m not sure if this post really had any direction or if it was just one big rant.
You’re welcome.


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