Alright Saturday Night.

Alright, secret confession that not a lot of people will understand, I actually don’t really like the weekends that much. In fact, there is a bit of an inner groan when I think about Fridays. Even more so when I don’t get paid on Fridays anymore.

Here is the thing about me, I really love routines. I love working because you go somewhere during the day and you can focus on things. There is none of that on the weekends.

Honestly, I just sit around on the weekends all day. I hate that feeling. I literally did nothing today. I took a nap and I finally took a shower at 8 pm. Why? There was nothing for me to do all day.
Another thing, when you are home all day with nothing to do, I find I just end up eating. And even though I don’t eat a lot, it feels like I’ve eaten a lot because I haven’t really done anything at all to burn up that food. Not even walked around an office.
Which walking around an office doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s a heck of a lot more than lying around all day like a coma patient. And I can feel it.

I guess the worst part about the weekend is that there is nothing to do. Especially at night. Friday night and Saturday night. The two times a week where I am most aware that I do not have any money or any friends.
I mean, if I just had some money I would go see a movie by myself, but everyone knows that you still don’t have money for about the first month you work.

Anyways, I don’t have friends and I can’t help but wonder if I am pathetic sitting at home alone on a Saturday night. I mean, it’s like this night is a personal failure for me.
Then, to make it worse, I go on Twitter and guess who is the only person who is tweeting tonight.
Yep, me.
Everyone else is out living their lives. They seriously are having too much fun to even tweet about it? What? That makes me very worried about my social health.
I didn’t do anything all day except eat and then I am now sitting here watching the food network now. Not only that, I am sitting here posting on my blog, waiting for Monday to come. What?

I might be pathetic. Yeahh….


One thought on “Alright Saturday Night.

  1. Lol this is so funny to me! I feel that way sometimes about staying home on the weekends but I’m such a weirdo because I actually like it! I groan when people call me wanting to go out. Chilling at home is awesome, trust me. You can do so much with your time! You can learn an instrument, a new language, paint a picture, do some planning and scheming, play video games (my weakness), and best of all you have no distractions pulling you in all directions! Use this time wisely while you have it cause sooner or later your phone will start ringing.

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