Dear Imaginary Friend,

Well, this is a bit embarrassing. Remember that time when I got really cocky and forgot about you cause I didn’t need you anymore? Heh. I’m willing to eat crow here.
I need you again. It’s pretty bad right now. I thought I had it bad in elementary school. Remember that? And I used be so anxious to graduate so that I could do all the things I wanted? I was a silly girl.
In other news, kids don’t make fun of me anymore, but just me by myself. I think you know that I can’t be left alone.

No one gets my jokes here. No one gets my movie references. What the heck? I’m funny. I distinctly remember being funny.
And even though I am nice to people, they still don’t like me. This isn’t kindergarten anymore where we have to be nice or at least we make puppets.
No. This is adult times. And in adult times you have to wing it by yourself.

That’s why I need you. We can be a team again. I know you’ve been waiting. But we have to be different this time
See, I kinda want you be a guy and not a dragon this time. That way I can cuddle you at night without you burning my face off. That also means that you won’t have to live in my closet anymore.
And I want you to be very excited to go places with me. Just you and me in the carpool lane. We can sing at the top of our lungs and have dance parties in my car. I have a car this time!

Mostly I need you to be on my team. I need you to care about me and think I’m the greatest person alive. I promise I will return the favor.
And if you just want to be my friend with the long-term plan of exacting revenge on me for ditching you, I’ll take it.

I’m patiently waiting your response and totally wishing you were here.
See you Soon,



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