“The Dream”

Okay, the new office building that I am working at has a lot of really interesting art hung around the walls.
Especially upstairs. There is the this one picture of clowns golfing and one of the clowns has his pants pulled down.
Then there is this other where it is just these creepy shadow figures. Just chilling in the picture. It looks like I nightmare I had once, but I didn’t remember until I saw that picture. It also looks like the nightmare I will probably have tonight, but what can you do?

Downstairs though, they just have pictures of famous paintings. Like right when I walk out of the cubicle area there is a picture of Picasso’s “The Dream”. The problem with this painting in the work place is that it is a little revealing.
Now, obviously this is Picasso, so really it’s just a circle. But we all know that circle is meant to be a woman’s nipple. Every time I leave my cubicle, there it is.
Now, I am not a prude. In fact, I am very open about sexuality. It’s probably that fact that makes this painting so distracting for me. Not an angry distracting, but a pensive distracting.
I end up thinking about nudity, nude art and nude portraits.
And nipples, but that is to be expected.

There is another picture though which I do not know who it is from, but it is of a naked woman with her back turned. This picture is found in the bathroom. I didn’t even notice it, because when I go in the bathroom I sort of had a one track mind. But the receptionist was complaining about it to me.
She said it was completely inappropriate to have in a work bathroom and that the Picasso was even worse. Which I don’t really understand because they are both of a woman and we are women. We look at that everyday in our private time.

I guess I don’t really understand complaining about either of these paintings, because it’s not as if they are tasteless. It’s not like the picture in the bathroom is of the cover of “Ms. New Booty” or that the Picasso is some porn star flashing a nipple. These are art, which probably makes me one of those liberal artist types.
I have always considered the human body to be a beautiful creation. I feel like nudity is actually a very beautiful thing when it is not turned into something dirty or wrong. I even see the beauty in my body, objectively of course.
I feel like there have been a lot of negative emotions attached to nudity to where in our society we all feel uncomfortable or that nudity is wrong. I don’t like that part.

I could be wrong though. Maybe those portraits are completely inappropriate and I am just too open to be upset about it. I was not implying that nudity in the work place was okay or that people should walk around naked. I was just stating that I think nudity is beautiful and those paintings are expressive and real to some extent.
Plus Picasso is acceptable in schools, why not in the work place?


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