Oh, this is not safe.

Do you ever have moment where you think that you are among friends, but then as it turns out you are not? You are sitting there with someone who you have known for years and you feel like you should be able to trust completely, then out of your mouth comes a comment. Not the nicest comment, a comment you would have said with anyone else. It would have been inappropriate if you were with someone else.

It’s always my favorite when in that moment that person who you thought you could trust turns around and just let’s you know what a horrible person you are.  In that moment you realize that this person is not the person you thought.
You are not in a safe place where freedom of speech is in full effect. You are not among friends, you are among superficial friends.

I guess the worst part is what comes next. Worrying, regret.
Worrying that the person you said such a thing to will spread that around. Regret because you know you said something inappropriate in that company.
You see, if this thing you said were to be spread around, no one would understand that you are not a vicious and mean person. No one would understand, that was a comment of secret thoughts for secret friends. But you made a mistake. You told someone you thought you could trust and it turns out they are not on your side.
It’s even better when it is someone in your family.

I would like to think that situations like this do not mean that you are two-faced. There are certain things that you can think about someone else that are not always positive. You can’t think everything positive about someone.
The problem is that people do not accept this truth. They think if you do not accept all of them, you accept none of them. This is false, but that is how social interactions go.

I will now conclude my shame with a song:

I like this song because I actually feel that way all the time. Especially in the situation I just described. This whole song pretty much sums up my entire social life and every social interaction I’ve ever had.


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