I think I might be funny or something?

Okay, in the last week I have had two separate, completely unrelated people ask me the same exact question: How is it possible that you have so many followers?
Right? Usually people are just repulsed by me.

No, the truth is that I don’t know why I have so many followers. In fact, I am pretty sure they are all robots. I actually call them my robot army. I can think of only a handful that actually converse with me.
But I always reply to that question with “I think I am funny?” Cause what else is there to say to that?

You know what makes me feel super awkward? Which probably no body notices except me until I announce it to everyone. I personally only share my blog posts to Google + and StumbleUpon. All the other places are automatically shared.
So, here is what makes me feel uncomfortable: the tagging.
Every post I do is always tagged with the word “Humor”. Why? Cause that’s just the tag I use? You can’t see me shrug.

Then, I always end up putting my posts in the “Humor” category on StumbleUpon. But don’t think I do this lightly. I am fully aware of how weird this is.
I mean, my last post was about how I don’t have friends. Is that funny? Hell no. That’s really freaking depressing. I almost wish someone would email saying “Corrie Kartchner, You depressing me the hell out. Stop that.” Cause that would have been funny.
But no, I just put it in there because I don’t know where else to put it. I looked for a “friends” category. I looked for a “social” category. I even looked for a “I now want to slit my wrists” category. No dice.

Every time I do it though, I just imagine one person finding my blog by accident, reading what I have to say, scrolling down to the bottom and seeing that I tagged it with “humor”. I just imagine them thinking “Uh, does she think she is funny or something?”

The answer: I guess.


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