The time has come for us to talk…

Okay, last year I was surprised to see that I only posted 141 posts last year. My first thoughts when I saw that was “What the hell was I doing all year then?”
When you do the math, it turns out to be about 2.5 posts a week. So about one every 3 days or so. I see people who post a lot less and I see people who post a lot more than that (Douche bags). But either way I am okay with being someone who only posts about once every 3 days. I could be one of those annoying bloggers who post like 4 times per day and so you end up with 15 WordPress emails in one day.
Uhhh. How do you have so much to say?
I mean, it is not that I don’t have that much to say, I can talk a lot actually. But what usually happens is that I will start to write out a post about something, get distracted and then come back to it later with no desire to continue, so it gets deleted.
Or I will have an entire post in my head, but no desire to write it all out.

Moving on, it has been about 8 days since I have blogged and I woke up this morning and just felt that blogging “itch”. In fact, it was my first day of my job and I woke up with just enough time to get ready for work, but I seriously thought about not getting dressed and sacrificing my time to blog this morning. It was that strong.
Like a voice in the back of my head saying “CORRIE! Go talk to everyone. I mean, at least say SOMETHING!”
This is something. I will try harder. The end.


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