Here, I’ll just have your midlife crisis for you.

So, yesterday was my mother’s birthday. I always feel that December birthdays get a little bit pushed under the rug. Especially one that is only 4 days after Christmas.

My sister came up to me this morning and she said to me “Did you know that Mom just turned 53? I thought she was turning 50!” Now I did know that, but only because my mother had told me the day before. I honestly thought she was turning 51.

Here is the thing, I am not one of those people who just doesn’t give a damn about other people’s ages and birthdays. I can recite to you every birthday of the people in my family. All 5 of my brother and sisters and my two parents. I also know all of my siblings ages, but my parents never really announce their ages.

Then there is the family dog. His name is Winston. My sister and I noticed that he was acting a bit strange. Just not as excited and such. Now little dogs are tricky when it comes to this though. They don’t grow up. They hit about 2 years old and stay like that for the rest of their lives. Turns out our dog is going blind. Why? Old age.

So, my mother is 53. My dad is 55 and my dog is going blind.

What the hell everybody? Did you all wake up and decide to start dying?

I asked my mother if turning 53 was upsetting her and she said “No, getting old is a natural part of life. I knew it was going to happen. I am okay with it.”
That’s great Mother. I’m so glad you are okay with that when I am actually super upset. PFF!

Now obviously I still have a lot of time with my parents (Winston probably not as much). My parents have passed the threshold from being in the first half of life to the second half. My dad is going to be 60 in 4 and a half years. What the hell?

I guess I am just having one of those times where reality hits in. I am constantly aware of the fact that I am getting older. That my siblings are getting older. That we are growing up and starting lives. And it is a natural thing for all of us to break away from our parents and start living our lives.
But you never actually sit and think “My parents are going to die one day.” or “My parents are getting older.”
Which I suppose is a good thing, but also a bad thing. And I am not crazy aware of it.



3 thoughts on “Here, I’ll just have your midlife crisis for you.

  1. Personally I’ve sat down twice, only in my adult life, and really thought about it. I know for a fact it isn’t something I’m going to be looking forward to, obviously, but I really think it is something we should prepare ourselves for. Granted death wont be upon us for sometime but their will be loved ones lost to it. Dammit indeed!

  2. Ah, youth. I myself am 51, obviously old enough to be your mother. My dad will be turning 80 this month. Age is a wonderful thing when you consider the alternative. Celebrate each day, for the days will not last forever.

    Wow, that was pretty depressing. But I hope you look back on this post when you’re in your 50s and realize it isn’t really that old at all. Live it up girl!

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