Nudist Camp Video – Take 1

Here’s the thing guys, and yes I am talking directly to my followers, I wanted to talk to you about tagging my blog and Googling it.

You know, over the past two years I have had some pretty weird searches from Google that led people to my blog. There was the one about the alien plant, which I did not hate. I love being associated with aliens. Plants not so much, but life is a compromise.
Then there was the one about someone who didn’t know what to do with their life. That one was pretty intense. It made me wonder “Does Google think I know what I’m doing with my life?” Like a fun Google joke.
I addressed both of those tags and I felt good about myself.

But this morning I woke up to a Google search that clearly took the cake:

nudist camp videos

Okay, raise your hand if you Googled that, you weird little person.
Raise your hand if you think I am a member of a nudist camp.
Do I need to teach you guys how to use Google? Cause it’s starting to feel that way.

Part of me wants to laugh really hard at the fact that people can Google this and find me, but the other part of me wants to know how this happened.

I could be a nudist, if we are getting down to it. I have no problem with nudity at all. Do I think that everyone in the world should run around naked at all times? No. I would like to think we have evolved from that.

In the end though, I feel like it is almost a challenge. Like I should start making nudist camp videos. Maybe that’s what you expect from me.
I could make excellent nudist camp videos. They would be amazing and not porn.
But that would start me down a slippery slope of having to act out every Google search that leads to my blog. I mean, I got one that said “crab weed tattoos”.
I can’t get one of those you guys. I’m SORRY! I’ve never even smoked weed. Or a crab for that matter. It would be false advertising and awkward.

I guess what I am saying is that I’ve reached 100 blog followers. I know that is not a gigantic number, but it’s not a small one either. I can honestly say that I may be starting to not have such a small following. But I can also debate against myself in that. I can also be the mediator for that one too.
Anyways, the pressure is on. But apparently not our clothes. Go figure.


3 thoughts on “Nudist Camp Video – Take 1

  1. You might want to avoid setting up a Google account for its Webmaster service if you haven’t already. Sometimes, what you see in the dashboard can’t hope to compare with the search terms listed there. :shock:

    And this is coming from someone who has had pageviews from people looking for Skyrim porn. :|

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