Email me something GOOD!

Okay, the art of mail has been lost. The only people who seem to remember how beautiful of a concept mail is would be the electric company, but I really feel that they are less romantic than I was hoping for.
So, then there came email, which has also been lost now. Seeing as it is so easy to receive spam and there really are no laws governing that. Most companies have switched to texting programs now. Someday that will be outdated and ignored as well. I’m guessing 2 – 4 years, depending on how fast non-major corporations catch on to it.

I think this time of the year is the most common time for spam and unwanted advertisements to go to any inbox you may own.
HEY! You know what would really get me in the Holiday mood? Deals and Discounts from Home Depot. Nothing says Christmas like 5% off Power Drills. Hot Damn!

I realized something this morning. When I wake up in the morning and I see there is 10 email notifications on my phone, I always am hoping that it is going to be something incredible.
I mean, coupons are great. Everyone loves coupons, except I never have money so coupons really don’t help me ever. But I just mean I would love something other than an email about Black Friday or Cyber Monday or We’re Poor Wednesday.

I’m not exactly sure what I would consider amazing or if it is even possible via email, but it’s more possible than receiving a letter in the mail, because who would send that? It’s not my birthday.
I just like to pretend because when you wake up to email notifications, it’s nice to pretend that they are relevant and someone was trying to get a hold of you. Preferably someone you like.

OH! And I am really not subscribed to Home Depot’s emailing list. They have nothing for me there.


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