Gas Station Food? Really? You’re all weak.

So, here is something that I have learned in my adult life that I found rather shocking; People are afraid to eat at the Gas Station.

I eat at the Gas Station all the time. I love the convenience of having hot dogs, chili/cheese, nachos and a plethora of sodas all in the same place. I also have my choice of chips, Popsicles, coffee and Hostess snacks. How is this a bad idea? Sounds like they anticipated my every whim on that one and I don’t hate it.
OH! And slurpees. Really? Slurpees? How the hell is anyone going to get down on the institution that brought us Slurpees?

BUT! Strangely people are really afraid to eat at the Gas Station which does not make sense to me. I ask whoever I may be talking to if they want to get a hotdog there and I generally get a reply of “HA! So I can be sick all week?”
Okay, I eat at the Gas Station usually once a week and I have yet to get super sick as people seem to imply I would. Even that boyfriend guy is afraid to eat there. I don’t know if this is a serious sign about our relationship, but it feels like he is weak. All of your stomachs are weak.

When I try to defend my Gas Station food though, people defend their weakness with things like “They leave those Hot Dogs out all night on that burner.”
Okay, I hear what you are saying, but I happen to have taken the State required Health Class to be able to prepare food and that’s illegal. They would get shut down if they left those hot dogs out for that long. But also, if the hot dogs are in constant heat like they are, it lengthens the amount of time they can be out without a chance of food born illnesses. Which means that those hot dogs are fine.
People then try to pull out the last resort food insult. The food industries comeback equivalent to calling someone “stupid” or “ugly”. “They don’t clean those hot dog machines.”
Really? That is crazy illegal and they would be shut down. Also, people said the same thing when self-serve frozen yogurt places came out and look where that has taken us? To a frozen desert utopia with toppings as far as the eye can see.

All I am saying is that people need to get over this whole fear of the Gas Station food. If you don’t like their food, then you can’t get gas there.
That’s right, I’m revoking your gas privileges. So suck it.


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