Do you have a podium?

Okay, do you ever have a time where you are just done with your entire life? Everything that is going on around you is too overwhelming? Or you have just too much of the same thing going on everyday that you need a change?
BUT! You have been in your rut so long that it is going to have to be a big change to satisfy your unhappy nerves?

Do you ever have a time where you want to just line up all of your problems in a row? Get your boss, your landlord, the companies that send you bills all together in one little group. Then get up on a small stage with a podium and tell that group very loudly “Hello everyone, I quit.” And then walk away. You could add a “Go to hell” in there, but we are all adults.
The podium and the stage are for effect, of course. If you are going to do something dramatic like that, you should go all the way. Come on now

I’m mean, obviously you can’t have such a quick clean break, but wouldn’t it be great if you could?

Let me put it this way. Did your boyfriend guy ever call  you up last night and compare your life to a disabled man starving himself to death so he could commit legal suicide?
Do you ever get that?

Not that any of this has ever happened to me. I was just asking for a survey. Obviously.


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