Eh. Just don’t defend yourself.

Okay, in my experience on this Earth (we are going on about 21 years now, I’m an expert) there is something that I have come to realize when dealing with relationships. Never play Defense. It never works out well for you.

Now, when  I say “Never play Defense“, that doesn’t necessarily mean to play offense. It just means that you should not defend yourself in the moment.

Every time I have seen someone be accused of something and defend themselves, it ends up making them look worse than if they had said nothing.
Take for example if someone calls you a liar or crazy. Saying you are not a liar or not crazy is something that any crazy person/liar would say about themselves. Even sarcastically defending yourself would be just as harmful as any other defense you could put up.
And even if defending yourself did help in some way, it’s usually not big enough to remove all doubt from a person’s mind.

It is better to later, when the moment has passed, calmly say to the person “Hey, I don’t appreciate being called a liar.”
And take pleasure in the fact that a liar is the worst thing someone can call you.
I have been called a liar a lot in my life. Why? Because what else can someone say about a person that immediately discredits them, but isn’t easily verified? A liar is the ultimate insult if you have no reason to insult someone.

I’m writing this post, even though it may be a little lame, because yesterday a friend asked me why I never defend myself when people say things about me.
I answered that I just don’t feel the need to. But here is where I elaborated on that. You’re Welcome.


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