Sometimes I tip badly and people hate me.

Apparently tipping is a sore subject for a lot of people. I find it is ever more of a sore topic for people who are not and never have been a waiter/waitress.
Tipping is one of those subjects (like the past election) where people can conveniently sum up your entire moral character just by how much you tip your waitress. That is just amazing to me, because it usually takes time for me to decide whether a person is kind to others. I take the slow route of getting to know someone.

A few months ago I was in a discussion forum about tipping and a man got very heated with me about how I am not a good tipper.
First off, I don’t really go out to eat that much. Maybe 3 times in a month? And usually it is to places that you don’t tip at. Like Robertos.
BUT when I do go out about tipping, I tip the socially required 15%. BUT! I do not feel the need to tip someone that much when they provide horrible service. Also, 15% is quite a big percentage if you think about it.

Well, this man got upset because a lot of waiters and waitresses do not get paid minimum wage and the majority of their income comes from their tips. Basically it boiled down to the fact that I was preventing those waiters and waitresses from earning their entitled money because they do not get minimum wage.

Okay, I live in Las Vegas. There is a lot of really bad service here. I have had servers ignore me the entire meal before. Now people might say that they might just be having a bad night and their livelihood shouldn’t be affected by that, which is understandable. But at the same time, just like people who make a commission, if I knew that part of my income was completely dependent on providing good service, I would be the friendliest and most attentive person ever.,

Tips were originally a courtesy given to show that someone has done a good job, yet somewhere down the line it has become something that is seen as expected. Waiters and Waitresses expect you to tip them, just as most people who walk into a restaurant expect to leave a tip.
Which is nice, but at the same time it should still be dependent on what kind of service was actually given to you.
I mean, you go to a buffet and they ask you when you pay if you want to leave a tip. A tip for what? I am getting my own food. A tip for bringing me a cup and silverware?

Another man in the same forum said that if you can’t afford to leave a good tip, you shouldn’t be going out to eat. So, if you can only afford to pay for your food. If you can only afford to pay the set required price made by the restaurant, you should not be eating out…

I know this is probably just a rant. This is probably me just trying to justify the fact that I am trying to be logical about my tipping.
Anyways, how are you today then?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I tip badly and people hate me.

  1. Love the title of this post. And I’ve had similar thoughts—if these people aren’t being paid minimum wage, shouldn’t the cost of the food be raised to accomodate a fair wage for them, so that tipping can be considered a gift instead of an obligation?

    1. I don’t think it’s that the restaurant doesn’t make enough for minimum wage. I think it’s more if an owner is not required by law to pay minimum wage, why should he?
      And apparently a lot of servers prefer it that way. They can make more off of the tips.
      This falls under the category of “Society says we should, so we do.” Social perception makes tipping an obligation.

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