The First Page of a Notebook.

Okay, ever since I was a little girl and I first start school, I had this problem.

First off, I love getting a new notebook or notepad. That’s not the problem, I am building up to it. I love getting a new notebook because it is just full of possibilities. Full of thoughts that have yet to be written. A new sketchbook is full inspirations that have yet to be drawn.
There is nothing sexier than 100 empty pages just begging me to make them dirty. Oh Baby.

Anyways, here is where my problem comes into play. The first page of a new notebook or sketchbook. The first thing you are going to see when you open the cover. What the hell do you put there? You want to make a good impression for whoever might find your notebook.

(On a side note, occasionally I feel like I should keep a journal, so I will go out and purchase one. It never lasts as I find writing about the things I did in a day boring and a bit embarrassing. But anyways, when you first purchase a journal, are you supposed to introduce yourself to your journal on the first page? It seems a little bit fitting.
Either way, I hope that my blog would just cover anything that a journal should. I hate journaling.)

My life is filled with notebooks and sketchbooks with empty first pages. All of the other pages are filled except for the first one. Even when I was in school, my subjects notebooks had an empty first page.
I always feel like if I am going to use up the first page of the book, it should be something really good. Start off with a bang. But since I can never really plan out how well what I am putting on the first page is going to go, the page is left empty.

I’m sure this has some deeper psychological meaning. Problem some telling sign of problems with my mother. Or a reference to  my dog dying when I was 14. But either way, what goes on the first page?


2 thoughts on “The First Page of a Notebook.

  1. Not quite the same thing, but I can’t write on the back of a page I’ve written on the front of in a notebook! No matter how closely related the content of the second page is to the first, I can’t bring myself to permanently condemn the two to share the same sheet for all eternity. I think this must be how notebook manufacturers get rich :D

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