Halloween Costume 2011

Again, we embark on my quest to talk about things Halloween-related.

Last year I posted my 2010 costume on the 20th just to show people what I dressed up as. I wanted to post last years costume on the exact same day, but life happened and I had to work.

I love to dress up and I do it whether I am going out on Halloween or not. I will be doing it this year as well, as I feel it is important to capitalize on the one day a year where dressing up is “in“.

I hold a very high standard for myself when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. I am not one of those people who just go out and buys a $17 costume at Party City and then wears only that.
I have to personalize my costumes. Make it tailored to myself. Show that I put a lot of effort into my costume. Costumes are probably the only time where I become a perfectionist.

Anyways, most years I do not have a hundred dollars to throw into a costume (which is a ridiculous amount I would most likely spend if I could). Most years I don’t even have $20 to throw into a costume.
So I end up going with clothes that I already have and make-up.

Two years ago, I was a mime. Such an easy costume to make. The only thing that you need that is out of the ordinary would be the face make-up, which you can get pretty much anywhere this time of year. My favorite part of the costume was the rainbow beads, but that sent everyone who saw me up in arms. That I had ruined a mime costume. I CAN’T SUPPRESS MYSELF!

Last year, I was embarrassingly a zombie surgeon. I find this embarrassing because a zombie costume is so easily created that it is the equivalent of dressing up as a nerd. That’s why I tried to throw in the surgeon part. Although it wasn’t as apparent as I wanted it to be. I wore scrub bottoms, rubber gloves and a surgical mask (the mask is not in the picture).
I like the picture because even though you can’t tell I was a surgeon in it and it is a self taken picture, the bathroom is very dark and creepy looking as well. I also love looking at pictures of myself when I was fatter, which is unrelated to Halloween, but I threw it in.

This all might just be my way of making myself feel better about putting up a less than 100% for my Halloween costume. Eh.


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