The Horror Industry is ruining Halloween for me.

I am a very simple person. I like candy. I like whip cream. I like wearing funky clothing…..I think I just described a stripper. I don’t strip.
This post isn’t starting off on a good note.

I like Halloween. I like it a lot. Because I love candy and dressing up. You know what I don’t love? I don’t love being scared out of my mind or seeing mutilated bodies.
I guess this means that I am weird. See I would have thought it was natural to not want to see things that are scary and/or making you want to throw up.

It always seems to me that the Horror genre is getting bigger all the time. Probably because people see such violent things all the time that they are desensitized. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING TO BE! You want to be unfeeling? You want to be chill when you see someone’s head getting chopped off? You want to like blood?
You’re grossing me out and I hate it.

Also, all of you jerks who are desensitized are turning Halloween into a day of fear instead of just a day of fun. In fact, it’s turned a lot of things into fear. Like the movie theater. Or a dark alley. Or cable.
Now maybe Halloween was always a day of fear, but I would like to think that there once was a time where people didn’t like Horror and Halloween was just a day of fun and magic. I’d also like to think there was a time when people were sensitized, cause I sure as hell am.

But unfortunately I happen to know that people have always been obsessed with the aspects of Horror since the beginning of time. There is opposition in all things. So for every small thing that fills you with disgust or terror or even gives you the heebee geebees despite your desensitized life, there is someone out there who gets some sick pleasure from your deepest fears.
Which for me brings up the idea of a foot fetish. I wish that was something that didn’t exist. But it does, so we all just have to try to not think about it.

I guess I do want the creepy stuff, but in a fun way, because they are the essence of Halloween. You can’t really have Halloween with out the creepy stuff. But you can have Halloween with the creepy stuff in a cheesy way and I approve. Like corny rubber rats and the fake spider webs. Dancing Skeletons. I love those. Not the Goretorium or the Haunted Houses.
Maybe asking for Halloween without the Horror genre is an oxymoron?
Basically, I want Halloween to be like watching the Addam’s Family. Is that too much to ask? Probably.

Also, I think we all learned something about what a sick individual you are.


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