“Do you ever feel lonely?”

Someone asked me this the other day. I found it to be a really weird question, though it might be commonly asked.
Is this a commonly asked question? I can’t really tell.

You see people ask that in movies all the time and it seems like a pretty straight forward standard question to be asked, but it is still slightly weird to be asked that.

The fact of the matter is, yes. I get very lonely sometimes. Doesn’t everyone? It is very common to get lonely. Natural human emotion. And there are many different forms of loneliness, which is super exciting for everyone.

I think people look at me and see me as lonely most because I spend the majority of my time alone. I work in an office alone and I pretty much live alone. People tend to look at that as sad, but it doesn’t really bother me.

I had more to say, but I feel like this post is getting a bit depressing. So, everyone think about the first joke you ever heard.

I’m sorry.


3 thoughts on ““Do you ever feel lonely?”

  1. I get the same thing. However, there are different kinds of people. Some people love their alone time, others have to be with people 24/7. Sometimes I feel like many people are just too co-dependent, and think that if someone values his or her alone time, then he or she must be lonely and/or sad.

    1. I have found that a lot of times when people have to be with someone else 24/7, they are often avoiding a problem. Just how alcoholics drink to not think about their problems, I have noticed a lot of people don’t like to be alone to avoid thinking about their problems.

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