I just wish the election would stop.

I’m so freaking tired of the Presidential election that I want to stab myself in the eye with a pencil. Luckily I wear glasses and I don’t think I could break through with the pencil.
Was that a horrible mental image for you, cause I promise it was worse for me.

Here is my problem with the Presidential election: it’s like being in a family fight!

I’ll explain. Let me break down a family fight for you in case you don’t have a family or you guys don’t fight. When you get in a family fight everyone chooses a side, everyone thinks they are right, no body is changing their minds, but we are going to sit around and yell back and forth at each other for long periods of time with no solution.

A year ago everyone started talking about the presidential election. A YEAR AGO! And a year ago is when everyone chose their side. Everyone decided who they were going to vote for a year ago.
So all we are doing is prolonging the inevitable.
Debates. Speeches. Campaigning.
They all really don’t mean anything, because supporting a candidate is like the first month of being in love. You see all the pros and none of the cons. People who like Obama only see his strengths and Romney’s flaws. And the same goes for the people who support Romney.

Also, I have to say it seems a little pointless to support someone who is not Obama or Romney. I know that seems like a bad thing to say, but if you think about it either Obama or Romney are going to be elected. All of these side people just aren’t getting enough publicity to really even be elected. I’m sorry.

Anyways, Is anyone really listening to what they have to say? Does anyone really care who won the debate? No. They have all have already chosen sides and why listen to the enemy?
Also, no one can just say who won or who is winning. They have to do polls and listen to everyone’s opinion. I don’t really want a statistic or a poll number, I just want someone to say to me Obama is winning or Romney is winning. Let’s just simple it down so I know where things stand without all of the fancy talking about stuff I don’t care about.

So the fact that we still have to listen to this same damn fight and mud-slinging and bashing each other everyday for yet another month just makes me want to kill myself. The things people say daily are just so ridiculous.
“Anyone voting for Obama/Romney is an idiot.”
Really? You don’t know that. That is such a generalization fallacy that it’s ridiculous. It’s also super prejudicial. We all have our own beliefs and just because someone may be voting for someone different than me does not make them any less smart.
And furthermore, most of us don’t really know enough about how a country should be run to make a truly informed decision on presidents. I didn’t study politics or government in school other than the required classes. I don’t think I know anyone who did study that, so how can anyone truly know if who they are voting for is really going to run the country correctly?
But obviously we have our rights and I’m not saying we shouldn’t. I’m just saying that none of us truly know enough about politics or government to be judging other people’s decisions. We are all basing our knowledge on our personal opinions and the information they give us.

Anyways, I am just a little sick of it. And it’s never-ending, because once a president is elected, democrat or republican, the other party will immediately start getting ready for the next election as soon as the new or re-elected president is announced. After the disappointment party, of course.
This is the true song that never ends. And it’s a horrible song. Dammit.

I tried to keep this as unbiased as possible. So hopefully no one can tell who I actually supporting in this. Or even better, hopefully people think I support the candidate opposite of who I do. I love that.


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