Trendy Foods that will make you look cool while you stuff your face.

In my adult life I have begun to notice that people can make a trend out of everything. EVERYTHING! Your crazy socks could be a trend. Your weird hair could be a trend. Your unsightly adult pimples could be a trend, even your annoying neighbor’s dog can be a trend.

More importantly, I have noticed that there are certain foods that are “cool” to be eating. Like when you say that you love that type of food, you are cool.
If you are confused by me saying that, so I am.

How can it be cook to be eating and/or liking a certain type of food? I don’t know, but it happens. And it never the really good food that is “trendy” to be eating. No body cares if you say “Oh Yeah! I am going to go eat some rice.”
But they do find it strangely arousing when you say you like other foods.

A lot of times these foods aren’t even ones that you eat a lot. There are just a lot of people who act like they eat them a lot cause it is so “cool” to like them.

Here is a short list of some “trendy” foods that I have noticed:


I have this vision in my head of the two people who read my blog reading that list and going “OH! I know what she’s saying.”
This could just be an erotic fantasy I am having though.

Do you see what I mean about not normal delicious foods? I mean, yeah those are delicious, but not like OH BABY YES!

For example, Waffles and Pancakes? Really? Do you know what makes those great? The whip cream and syrup that goes on top of them. Not the actual waffle or pancake. And if we must go on about loving breakfast food, why not donuts? Or Slurpees? I drink slurpees for breakfast all the time.

Then there is cupcakes and bacon which are completely out of control in my mind. I mean, they even have a bacon cupcake. Wendy’s has a bacon Sunday, really? People are making all sorts of…crap out of bacon and it’s ridiculous. Chocolate covered bacon? Ew.

And why are people so excited about cupcakes? You know what a cupcake means to me? Cupcake means less cake. I look at a cupcake or go to a party and someone serves me a cupcake and I just feel so cheated. Where the hell is the cake? Oh, you bought mini-cakes? Next time I’ll buy you a mini-present.

I have no bone to pick with Tacos. A well deserved trendy food. Tacos are amazing, but I doubt that so many people are actually eating what I consider to be a real taco. They are probably eating Jack-in-the-Box tacos, which I approve of that as well, but are they a real taco? No. Not at all.

Coffee will always be trendy because coffee shops are trendy. If you say you are hanging out in a coffee shop, people will automatically consider you an existential individual.

The point is, if you pretend to like these foods. If you tweet about them, post pictures of them on Facebook and just make something using these sorts of ingredients, people will like you more and your cool points will increase.

That is all the advice I have for today. You’re welcome.


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