Do you wash your belly button?

This morning I was in the shower, and I hope this thought makes everyone excited, but I was in the shower performing my hygienic ritual and I started to wonder if I should be cleaning out my belly button. I had never really thought about it until this morning, I guess I just figured that the water cleans it without much help?

It’s kind of like in movies when they say “Make sure you wash behind your ears Billy.” The son’s name is always Billy or Timmy, there is no exceptions.
If you live in the suburbs and you ever have a son, this shall be his predetermined name.

I’ve never washed behind my ears either. I have never had a desire to or even a worry about what is going on behind my ears. I mean, how dirty can it really get back there?
For dirt to get behind my ears it would first have to go through my hair, through my ear and then through my glasses. That’s crazy dedication for germs. It’s improbable.

Now if everyone warned that you should clean out your ears, that makes sense. There is a lot of wax and miscellaneous things in your ears. That’s a place that I could actually see being worried about cleaning out.
Although “Make sure and clean out your ears Billy” sounds a bit off. We should change his name to Walter or Gordon if we are going to discuss ear wax with that child.


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