Please use Parenthesis. They are my favorite.

I spend a lot of time talking to the Internet People. I would almost call it a hobby, but I don’t think hobbies really work that way. But I probably spend a minimum of 3 hours a day with the Internet People.

Basically I spend a lot of time conversing with people just in the text medium. Then I blog as well, so I get to see a lot of the different “styles” in how people converse with each other online or through texts. You can see this most when you are in an online forum.
Just like how people have different ways of talking, they have different ways of typing/expressing themselves through text.

I have to admit, I’m kind of a snob when it comes to typing or text language. Not so much that I have high standards for what other people say, but that I have high standards for what I say.

For example, they area always talking about how it is good internet etiquette to use emoticons so that people know how you are feeling when you types something. You wouldn’t want someone to think that you are angry when you are really just fine, right?
I don’t know, because I do not use emoticons. I do not use them when I am texting or even when I am writing something online. Anytime I attempt to do so, I always end up deleting it because I feel so silly sending an emoticon. But silly meaning stupid, not the fun silly.

The same silly feeling would come if I tried to use an internet abbreviation. Such as “LOL” or”ROFL”. I don’t even like saying “Haha” when I am texting. It just feels weird.
I used to think abbreviations such as “ORLY” and “OBBY” were super fun, but no one uses those anymore. I would have to say the stupidest internet abbreviation would have to be “YOLO”. I just want to throw up thinking about it. I’m not even going to elaborate on what it means it makes me so disgusted.
Basically everyone on the internet has to guess how I am feeling about what I am saying to them.

I happen to love Parenthesis though. And when I receive a message that happens to have Parenthesis in it, I still go the Order of Operations route where I read what is in Parenthesis first. Now this does not mean that I overuse them, of course. In fact, I rarely use Parenthesis at all.

The thing about Parenthesis is that I always consider them the way to tell secrets on the Internet.

This is where we are talking normal.
(This is where we are whispering)

I love that! I love whispering and I love when someone tells me a secret. So Parenthesis are just the Internet’s secrets and when I read what’s inside them or when I use them myself, I consider this whispering and it still gives me chills.

I feel like this post may have been a bit confusing, but everyone will get over it eventually.


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