We’re counting Calories.

The other day I was on the phone with my friend and we were talking about Oreos for some reason. Probably because I love Oreos. Well, during the course of the conversation about Oreos, he asked:

How do you monitor how many you eat? Do you only eat four? When do you know to stop?

I told him I wait til the milk gets dirty….

The more I thought about that question, the more I felt a sense of accountability. I’m just eating whatever I want lately and not caring about what happens.
And it isn’t that bad, because I do work out a lot. So it’s not like I’m just having a total free for all. I have actually lost weight.
….Yes, I’m bragging. I look freaking amazing.

Anyways, I like to improve myself. Mostly I get bored so I will make goals for myself. And since this has been playing on my mind, instead of just setting a limit to how many Oreos I’m going to eat, I decided to go a step further and suddenly I thought it was a super good idea to make a goal to count my calories for 30 days.
That was a horrible idea. Not one of my best.

So I downloaded this app that helps you count your calories and they told me based on my height and weight that I should be eating about 1200 a day to be healthy. I guess that is fine.

Yeah, I’ve been doing this consistently for about 4 days now and I really dislike it. It juts feels about weird to me.
“Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just eating 12 Doritos.” Which brings up a question in my mind, do the broken chips not count? I feel like they shouldn’t count as one of my 12 Doritos.
Yeah, and those Oreos, you can only have 3 cookies. That’s the serving size. And what about those broken cookies? Should I just eat them? Cause if I eat one half of a cookie, then I have to break another cookie to make it an even 3. What is going on?

I’m only bringing this up for two reasons.
1. I’m complaining.
2. I’ve over eaten almost every day of my entire life apparently.

Just don’t count calories children. It’s not fun. Stay fat.


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