Are Spam comments real?

I haven’t been blogging all that much lately, yet strangely my spam comment count has been up. This makes me happy for some reason. Even though my blog no longer has that many people following it, it definitely has spammers checking it out. What up?

Here is something that I am wondering about spam comments though. Why is this happening? I once heard that people get paid to promote online through spam comments. Which I guess that is cool. If they were smart though, they would put an actual comment on the post with the URL in the website box and not just copy and paste it. Maybe they have too many comments to post to make actual money for them to be individualized posts.

Okay, the truth is that sometimes I actually read my spam comments. Occasionally I will take a quick look, see if any of them are misplaced and a real comment. They generally never are.

Here is one thing I’ve noticed though, people aren’t being nice to me in my spam comments. It’s getting pretty obvious. Usually spam comments are major butt kissing comments, but mine are actually pretty insulting. They would be more insulting if this was a more serious blog, but still.

One of my spam comments said that I needed to check my facts more, because my information on my blog was incorrect. Seeing as I mostly post about personal opinions, didn’t really phase me, but I know when I should take offense to something and that was not a nice comment.
I also received another that said that the quality of my posts had gone down since I started blogging but they would continue to read anyways….Ouch. What the hell? That is very hurtful.

I just feel like if you are getting paid to post a spam comment on my blog, you could be nice about it. I want the butt kissing spammers. This isn’t working.


5 thoughts on “Are Spam comments real?

  1. I think they’re just doing negative comments to get past WordPress’ anti-spam measures (after likely assuming that their faux-arse-kissing was too blatant to get past it). Kind of funny that it’s still failed, though.

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