Cuddler vs. Bed Hog

Sleeping patterns are pretty interesting when you think about it. I once read that most people spend half of their lives asleep. But I usually only get about 6 hours, so I’m not wasting away half of my life like SOME PEOPLE!

I was reading about insomnia the other day and studies have shown that over the years insomniacs are actually more ineffective than people who get the standard amount of sleep, even though most people believe insomniacs would be more effective because they have more time in the night to take care of business. FALSE!

Now two nights ago my older sister came in room in the early morning and asked if she could sleep with me because she had been having nightmares. My reply was “No Bungee Cords”. Clearly that meant no, but she took advantage of my sleepy state and climbed into bed with me anyways.
Here is a little insight into sleeping with my sister, I had forgotten this as it has been years since we have shared a room together. SHE IS A  BED HOG! She takes all the covers and most of the bed. Multiple times in the night I tried to grab some blanket and she told me to get my own, the irony of it is that was my blanket.

Now, like most things in life, a bed hog can be a matter of opinion. I sleep with a body pillow. I mostly sleep on top of the body pillow, but that is why I bought it, so I could cuddle up next to it all night. That is my preferred way of sleeping.

Okay, last year I had a friend who wanted me to have a sleepover with her. I’m not one for sleepovers but I said yes anyways. Well we were going to watch movies all night, so we made a nice comfy bed on the floor for the both of us to sleep on. As we were watching movies, I would always slowly migrate towards where my body pillow substitute was laying. Every time this happened she would always get up and say “CORRIE! This is my half and that is your half!”
PFF! Like her imaginary lines could stop me.
Well the next morning she informed me that I was a bed hog and that no matter how much she moved over, I still wanted her half of the bed. I informed her that she drew the line down the middle of the bed, next time if she wants more bed she needs to draw her side bigger, cause no matter where the line is, I will end up sleeping next to or on top of the person next to me.

So, I’m pretty sure that the term bed hog is a relative term. I think to someone who likes to sleep without touching another person, a person is a bed hog. But someone who wants to sleep touching, that person is a cuddler. Between such a perfect match of sleepers, they can meet happily in the middle.

But in case you are wondering, no, my sister is a bed hog. She doesn’t want to cuddle, she wants to spread out her arms and legs and steal all of the blankets.
That’s why she is no longer allowed in my bed.


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