Drawing Pains

Every time I see someone who is a really good artist, my first instinct is to hate them, my second is to become their best friend. Usually I shoot for the second one, but if that doesn’t work I revert back to the first.

Why would I hate an individual who has artistic tendencies? Well I’m not going to lie, I love to paint. Most of my paintings are abstract. One day I shall put them online for the world to view. But the point is that most of my paintings are abstract.
Why are they abstract you may ask?

Well for one, I like to get a little crazy with the paints. But also I really can’t draw that well. And by that well, I mean at all.

The problem with being a creative person and not being able to draw is the fact that you have pictures of things that would make a beautiful drawing or painting, but there is no way to transfer that to a piece of paper to show the world.

I find that I have a great appreciation for art, but secretly every time I see or hear about someone creating a magnificent painting, I feel a stab of envy. Like literally someone named Envy follows me around just so when I see a piece of art they can stab me in the throat. She would have stabbed me in the heart, but we both decided that was cliché. And I’ve now got a nifty frequent visitors card for Valley View Hospital. 2 more stamps and I get a free flu shot. Score.

Anyways, that picture is the last picture I have drawn. It actually took me 2 hours, which was okay because I was babysitting at the time and I was looking for something to kill my time while the little girl watched TV.
I think it’s an okay drawing, but it’s not like it is super impressive. It would be super impressive if a 5-year-old drew it. But I’m not 5 anymore.

Therefore I propose we join a religious society and burn all controversial art because we don’t understand it. Things that we don’t understand, deserve to die. Obviously.


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