Well, that was crazy.

So, I missed it. Usually I am so good about posting something, anything about laundry day. But I did not. It been a few days since laundry day and I did not keep anyone in the loop as to the thoughts I was having on that given day.
I think it’s because laundry day just happened, it’s not like I was thinking about it for a couple of days which is what usually happens.

Anyways, last night I was hanging up my recently washed clothes and listening to music at the same time. It was around 9:30 at night so I was pretty much only doing it so I could go to bed.
Well I picked up one of my dresses and was situating it and preparing it to be hung up, but I guess the dryer sheets weren’t working cause there was a ton of static electricity in this thing.

But here is the crazy thing, or maybe it’s not crazy. Maybe everyone knows this and I don’t just cause I don’t do my laundry often enough.
As I was trying to separate my dress from a sweater of mine and all the static electricity was being released, it was traveling through my arms, up my headphone cord and shocking my ears.

Now I’m not a scientist, but I feel safe to say that it was really freaking annoying.

In other related news, if you pieced it together, I am just hanging up my clothes and I did my laundry 3 days ago? Yeah, sometimes I sleep with my clothes on my bed. I have a queen bed so they take one side and I take the other.
Mostly because I’m not trained enough to immediately just hang them up, but if I put them on the floor, there is no going back and they will never get hung up. And I think my dog might sleep on them when I’m not home.
So I just put them on the right side of my bed.

Is that gross? I’m not sure. But don’t tell my mother either way.


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