Blogging Streak

There are always times when you are on such a good streak with your blogging or any writing really. But after a few days or even weeks of constant ideas, for me there always seems to be a time where I just feel disinterested.
And it’s not really because I am out of ideas. I know that sometimes when I get feeling this way, I will hit “New Post” type in the title of the idea I have for a post and then leave it so that I can write it later, cause I just don’t feel like writing it now.

Or when I am writing in a book that I am thinking about writing. I’m sorry, I am one of those lame people who always has an idea for a book. I just really don’t like to talk about it that much.
Anyways, whenever I start writing in one of the many books that I start and even if I finish them nothing will happen, I will get on these good streaks where for hours I can sit and write like nobodies business.
Honestly, it’s no bodies business how I can write.
But then what happens is I will finish a chapter and it’s like I have to stop. Not because I don’t know what comes next, but just the end of a chapter is the perfect place to break. But my breaks last a week or more. And pushing myself is not something I’m into.

Here’s my theory. I think I’m a procrastinator. Some of us are just born to be that way. Personality probably. OR genetics. You can blame all of your problems on genetics.
But I’m not a full on lazy as hell procrastinator. I’m more like a trying not to be but totally is procrastinator. And no matter how much I try not to be that way, sometimes procrastination wins.

And you can take that to the bank.


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