I like Elementary School.

I like to keep my childhood alive and fresh in my mind. You know why? Because eventually if I decide to produce an offspring, I think it helps in raising the child if you remember specific feelings and thoughts you had as a child. That way you can relate more. This happens to me often, like a deja vu of my childhood.

Well, yesterday I felt pretty much like I was 10 years younger. The whole day was a huge flash  back that didn’t really help foster sympathy for the children, mostly sympathy for myself.
It’s not secret (I have just never directly said it on my blog/website) that my mother is a First Grade teacher at an underprivileged school where 89% of the students are Hispanic. I like to volunteer there for 3 different reasons.
1. I speak Spanish, so it’s okay. 2. I have nothing to do and 3. It’s my mother….Yeah.

Well I have become very good friends with the schools counselor. We spend long hours chatting together. Well she asked me if I would come in to the school on Friday to help her with a field trip. Apparently because this is an underprivileged school, there is a program called School Bell where the teachers can choose children who need new clothes and shoes to go and get completely new clothes all donated to these children.

SO for the first time in 5 years I was on a school bus and I got to eat a school provided lunch. Now, was this a terribly fun experience that led me to recall something important from my childhood? No, it was fun cause field trips are fun and obviously taking a small part in helping those kids is fun, but it wasn’t like we went to a dinosaur museum. Dinosaur museum fields trips are so legit. I don’t think I’ve ever been on one, but if I had it would have made my life.

After this field trip, while my mother was still in school, I drove over to the Health District Office to update my license to prepare food. Now there are a lot of people who are suffering from Hepatitis A. It’s a horrible disease that is affecting a lot of people, and right now it is screwing with my head.
I do not have Hep A. When I went in to update my license, I was unaware that I had to get the shot again. They gave me a shot.

As I was saying, cafeteria food, school bus, field trips and shots. Too much of my childhood coming back to get me in one day. Most of it was okay, but the shot just killed everything.


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